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The University of Freiburg and IMTEK actively support university start-ups. We help with everything from free, intensive consulting for start-up founders to leasing space and equipment at reduced rates. Our start-ups create new jobs and contribute to the economy in Freiburg and the region.


... was founded in 2014 and is an experts in single cell separation. cytena’s patented platform technology features a drop-on-demand dispensing system with integrated optical detection and enables contact-free single cell deposition from suspensions into a great variety of substrates. The system provides highly efficient isolation and sorting of cells based on optical properties (size, shape, etc.) combined with excellent post-print viability. >> read more


ATLAS Neuroengineering

... was founded in 2012 as a spin-off company of IMTEK and imec, Leuven (Belgium). The company provides tools for the experimental neuroscience to record and stimulate neuronal activity and offers high-density, silicon-based neural probes and peripheral. >> read more



This company was founded by members of the Laboratory for Electrical Instrumentation (Prof. Reindl) in 2012. SmartExergy develops wireless monitoring solutions for photovoltaic modules.



Founded by members of the Laboratory for Biomedical Mircotechnology (Prof. Stieglitz) in 2011, CorTec relies on a technology platform that measures and interprets brain activity, which it then transmits to muscles or artificial prosthesis.  



BioFluidix was formed by members of the Laboratory for MEMS Application (Prof. Zengerle) in 2005. Biofluidix develops and builds non-contact handling systems for the pico-, nano- and microliter ranges that are mostly used in the life sciences.


Jobst Technologies

Jobst Technologies was founded in 2002 as a spin-off company of Laboratory for Sensors at IMTEK. It is a technology orientated enterprise offering its core competencies in the overlap between microsystems technology, (bio)electrochemical analytics and microfluidics. In 2015 the majority of Jobst Technologies was acquired by the Swiss sensor manufacturer Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG, which belongs to Endress & Hauser.



Since 2016, Epainters GbR is developing, manufacturing and licensing the Epjet™ printhead technology, which enables for the first time the application of paints and varnishes in all areas of industrial manufacturing using a drop-on-demand process. This process is spray-free, reduces the consumption of varnish and increases the productivity in industrial coating technology.



Mimetas was founded in 2013 by IMTEK’s Laboratory for Sensors Alumnus Dr. Paul Vulto and developmental biologist Dr. Jos Joore in the Netherlands. MIMETAS is developing Organ-on-a-Chip technology in a fast growing market that aims to provide better predictive models for drug development. IMTEK’s patented phaseguide technology is at the basis of MIMETAS's unique membrane-free co-culture technology that is incorporated in the OrganoPlate®.



INNIRION was founded in 2016 as a spin-off company of  Laboratory for Electrical Instrumentation. INNIRION develops Optoelectronic Systems for Intelligent Process Monitoring.



In cooperation with Aesculap AG BBraun, neuroloop GmbH is an early-stage healthcare spin-off company from both: Freiburg University and Freiburg University Hospital. The company plans to develop neurostimulators that will be capable among other things of lowering high blood pressure.



SpinDiag was founded in 2016 as an spin-off company from the University of Freiburg and the research institute Hahn-Schickard, one of the world’s leading research institutes for microsystems. SpinDiag is developing a system for the rapid screening of patients for antibiotic-resistant bacteria during hospital admission.



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