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Bioelectronic Microtechnology (BEMT) Group

    In the BioElectronic Microtechnology (BEMT) team we develop neuro-/bioelectronic devices for applications within medicine and neuroscience. Our work help making future electrodes and sensors for bioelectronic interfaces smaller, more energy efficient and durable.
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    We are interested in device/tissue interaction and the various aspects of biocompatibility that contribute best possible tissue integration.

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    The BEMT team - from the left: Gaby Kieninger, Sebastian Shaner, Nicole Jedrusik, Christian Böhler, Maria Asplund, José Leal and Ute Riede.




Join us! We have an opening for a PhD position within our new European project NeuraViPeR. The topic is bioelectronics/cortical interfaces for visual restoration.

Send your application to Maria Asplund

NeuraViPeR Press release

Prorektorin Riescher mit Maria Asplund_Foto Joerg Blum.jpg Biomaterials Vomero 2020
The BEMT group participates in the new European Project NeuraViPeR starting September 1st. read more about our plans for visual restoration by bioelectronic implants here I am proud that my application "A factfulness mindset to gender equality" was awarded with the Bertha Ottenstein Preis of the University of Freiburg. The grant will be used to invite excellent speakers to help shed light on how we can best ensure equal opportunities.  Congratulations to former group member Maria Vomero on her most recent publication "Conformable polyimide-based μECoGs: Bringing the electrodes closer to the signal source". The manuscript was just released in Biomaterials, 120178.


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