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Bioelectronic Microtechnology (BEMT) Group

    In the BioElectronic Microtechnology (BEMT) team we develop neuro-/bioelectronic devices for applications within medicine and neuroscience. Our work help making future electrodes and sensors for bioelectronic interfaces smaller, more energy efficient and durable.
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    We are interested in device/tissue interaction and the various aspects of biocompatibility that contribute best possible tissue integration.


    The BEMT team - from the left: Ronak Kakadiya, Anna Savelyeva, Ute Riede, Maria Asplund, Katja Ickler, Sebastian Shaner, Elisabeth Otte, Fernanda Narváez, Christian Böhler, José Leal, Ahmed Saeed, Debahuti Mohapatra







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New paper from our collaboration Neuroanatomy + BEMT published in Cell and Tissue Research. We are reviewing strategies towards overcoming bleeding and glial scar formation around implantable neural probes. New paper from José Leal and the SPEEDER project, published in Biomaterials - Electromigration of MAT-LyLu cells driven by PEDOT EF stimulation.

New paper from our group "Tutorial - Guidelines for standardized performance tests for electrodes intended for neural interfaces and bioelectronics" just released in Nature Protocols.

Read more about the background on the blog post "Behind the paper".


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